freshly molted H. lividum!

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freshly molted H. lividum!

Post  scaley on Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:45 am

Well what a challenge that is getting the molt out!!! i was looking at her tub the other day and thought i see a few more legs than usual?! so i left it untill today and decided to dig her up and see, plus i wanted the molt out!
i was just going to poke the tweezers down her burrow and pull it out but it was tucked around the corner! so it was a full overhaul im affraid!

i got a 50ltr RUB, put it in the bath and had a few pots and such to catch her with! started pulling the mud/soil out, then got to a tougher bit, this was where she webbed herself in, split that and found the molt, so got that out and was thinking 'sh*t thats quite big, whats she gona be like!' then all of a sudden i hear loads of tapping on the tub, this was where she flew out and ran around the tub! i got lid on pretty damn quick!

by this time my heart is going like a freight train!!! but still managed to get a couple pics before i got her cereal tub and filled it up with fresh sub, then caught her in a cricket tub(very tight!!!) and transferred her.

job done!


her in the RUB!

just checked on her and this is how she is now
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